The Bread Art Project

Hello Crafters,
I just did the coolest thing, I design a piece of bread! Now your are probably wondering, how I design a piece of bread. Well today I was watching the View, and Terri Hatcher was a guest host. She began talking about how she team up with Go with The Grain, to fight hunger in America. So to raise money their is a site call, where you create a piece of bread art. For every piece of bread art that is created, the Grain Food Foundation will donate $1 dollar to fight hunger in America. It's the coolest thing to do and is for a great cause, so I encourage you to go to their website and create your own bread art. Since how many times can you say that you create a piece of bread art?  I will put the websites address at the bottom.


The Bread Art Project

p.s Before your bread art is display in the online gallery, the foundation needs to approve it. So when I find out if mine got approved , then I'll post a picture of my bread art.  

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