7 Things...

Good Morning Everyone,
I found this post on Friday from onesheepishgirl blog, and thought it would be fun to try! 

7 places I would like to visit...

1.  Paris
2. Italy 
3. London
4. Georgia
5. Australia
6. California ( for all the flee markets)
7. New York 

7 things I would like to make...
  1. This color wheel clock 
   2.  Right now I'm hungry so I would say my grandmother homemade mac n cheese
   3.  A shelf made from a game board
   4.  These cute crochet bows
   5. These smores cupcakes
   6. Some money doing what I love...
   7. Design my own pair of shoes from shoesofprey.com 

7  people I like to meet (dead or alive)....
  1. Simon Baker
   2. James Blunt ( would love to see him in concert)
   3. Ally Carter 
   4. Debbie Reynolds
   5. Kandee Johnson 
   6. Cathie Filian
   7.Katy Perry ( would love to also she her in concert)
7 things I would like to own... 
 1. My own business ( an antique shop that not only sells antiques but crafts and art made by    everyday artists)
  2. A bachelors degree ( I'm working on it )
  3. My own house in Paris or maybe a villa in Italy????
  4.  A red 1960's batman phone
  5. Strawberry Juice Box Camera 
  6. These Gorgeous 1950's Pearl Colored Cat Eye Glasses
  7This Vintage Aqua Smith Corona Corsair Portable Typewriter

7 things that annoy me... 
 1. Laziness
  2. Ruddiness
  3. Staring
  4. When the Internet doesn't work
  5. Last minute plans
  6. When the weatherman interrupts your favorite t.v show!!!
  7. Bad hair days ( especially when you are out of hair gel)

7 Films I love... 

1. The Devils Wear Prada
2. Singin In The Rain
3. Van Helsing
4. Wabash Avenue
5. Easter Parade
6. Tomb Raider
7. Hoodwinked 

7 Funny Words... 
 1. Goat 
 2. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ( I spelled it all by myself :) ) 
 3. Neat-Oh
 4. Prada
 5. Jinkies
 6. Squishy 
 7. Boomerang 

If you do the 7 things post leave a comment below because I would love to read them :)


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