School and Future Projects

Good Morning,
Yesterday was my first day of school (college) and it went very well. I was thinking to myself how nice it is to be back in the groove of things and how nice it is to be doing work ( I'm the type of person who likes to say busy.... which confuses my parents very much lol). Yesterday was also magazine night, which is when mom buys People and Life N Style ( my favorite). She also surprise me with a new Seventeen magazine and some new Avon books, which was very nice to look at after the long day.
Now their is post I've always wanted to do and I can't say I came up with the idea ( even thought I wish I would have). One of  my all time favorite blogs is Her Library Adventures and one post that Sophie does on Sunday is Sunday Evening. So today I thought I would do it for fun but I'm making mine Friday Evening (but it's still the same concept).

Weather: A crisp fall evening
Reading: Seventeen Magazine, Avon, Anne And The French Kiss
Writing: Ideas, Doodles, List
Drinking: Throw Back Mt. Dew in my favorite glass thats on ice in the freezer
Listening: Project Playlist (which contains to many musical  genres)
Buying: Fabric ( for some future curtains)
Enjoying: Too much dark chocolate
Loving: My puppy

Have a great weekend!

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