Costume Make-up Looks

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Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite beauty gurus on Youtube which is Kandee Johnson! Now if you don't know who she is, Kandee Johnson is a make-up artist that dose make-up videos/tutorials on Youtube. I've been watch her for a long time and love her up beat personality and of course her make-up videos. I even said in my 7 things post, that I would love to meet her ( that how much I enjoy her videos). Besides having a Youtube channel Kandee Johnson also has a blog, which is just has fun has her Youtube channel.

Since Halloween is almost here I wanted to post my favorite Kandee Johnson costume make-up videos. Don't get me wrong I have a bunch on beauty gurus that I watch on Youtube but In my opinion I think Kandee dose the best costume looks on Youtube. 

So I hope you guys like my picks and feel free to leave a comment below about your favorite costume look on Youtube or your favorite beauty guru.


* All opinions are my own, I don't know Kandee Johnson, she doesn't know me or even know that I'm writing about her. :)

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