Why I love November

Good Morning,
Well today is the first day of November, which is really exciting in my book. So I thought would share with you guys today why I love November.
1.Birthdays! Too many to count, but my Mom's BD is on the 5th, Sparky and myself  BD ( yes, my dog has the same birthday as me which to me means that we were meant to be together)  is on the 16th and my Dad's BD is on the 21. My uncle, cousin and probably some other relatives I'm forgetting also have birthdays in November. Told you their was a lot, do you have a November birthday?
vintage thanksgiving

2.Thanksgiving! I mean thats probably a given... but hands down I think my mom makes the best Thanksgiving meal. 

3.Pumpkin Pie in general, I know some people get on the pumpkin pie boat in October but for some reason I don't like to start eating it until November. 

4.Watching a Christmas Story, is kinda our family tradition for Thanksgiving day. We eat Thanksgiving dinner then ring in the Christmas season by watching the movie. 

5.Decorating for Christmas! I'm one of those annoying people who decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving but I can't help it. I just love my little tree, it's ornaments, and all of my other decorations. 
What do you love about November?


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