Hello Everyone,
A few days ago my friend Michelle from Misanthropy Creations was talking about a new site called Wanelo. Now I had never heard of Wanelo but when I finally got around to going to the site I fell in loved with it.

To better explain what Wanelo is I took a paragraph from there about page:

"Wanelo (“wah-nee-lo,” from Want, Need, Love) is a place to find the most interesting and unique products online.

You can buy almost everything you see on Wanelo, and everything is posted by members. The first product was posted in 2010.

To experience shopping ecstasy, simply find and save products you want, need and love, and follow users and stores you like. Sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it? :)  (taken from Wanelo about page )"

I love the whole concept of this website and I think the name is so cute!So along with every other social media, I am now a member of Wanelo. If you want to follow me, then click here! You should also follow Michelle too because she is just super cool.

Also if any of you are on Wanelo, I will definitely follow you guys back!

So have any of you heard of this site? If so what do you think?


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  1. Hi, no not heard of them, but I like your site! I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award - please go to my site to check out the rules / guidelines.


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