Monthly Goal:Recap

Hello Everyone,
At the beginning of the month, I posted my monthly goals. Well today I'm doing a recap and telling you what I did and did not accomplish.

Get drivers license- Ok, I can explain. For starters I'm a little paranoid about doing maneuverability and second the weather was so funky this month. So I made my appointment (which is a start) for the first week of April.

Reply/comment more on my/other blogs- I did compete this goal and started commented on more blogs. I think its nice way to let a blogger known that you like their post and its also brings a little blog traffic your way.

Work on ''to do list'' for shop- This was a big one for the month. I got a lot done but there still some little things that I have to do, before I do the big reveal!

Organize closet- Cleaned it.....then it got mess again haha. But it will be cleaned again!

What did you accomplish this month (no matter how big or small)?


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