Monthly Goal: Recap

Hello Everyone,
At the beginning of the month, I posted my monthly goals. Well today I'm doing a recap and telling you what I did and did not accomplish.

To be honest I wasn't even going to post a Monthly Goal: Recap because I felt like I didn't accomplish my goals to my ''standards''. For starters I feel like this month got the better of me. This week is my last week for school, so all this month I have been studying and doing work non-stop.

Overall I feel like I made ''progress'' on some of my goals, which is better than nothing. Also I felt like I had to post this Recap because the whole point of making goals is the struggle to maintain them and achieve them. So even though I fell of the wagon this month I am determine (like no other) to achieve/get things done next month!

Work on my relationship with God- I'm in the beginning stages of getting back where I really want to be with this goal. I did start reading my bible again and began reading a book by Joyce Meyer.

Work on future goals- I did open up my shop on Storenvy and Etsy (which is a goal I had). I also made a list of other smaller goals that I want to accomplish next month.

Complete 2 goals from 21 before 21 list- Didn't happen lol

Manage my time better- Kinda, sorta, no didn't happen lol

What did you accomplish this month (no matter how big or small)?


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