What I'm Currently: Watching

Hello Everyone,
Today I wanted to share with you what I'm currently watching.

So what I'm currently watching is Flea Market Flip.Which is a t.v show on HGTV that is hosted by Lara Spencer. The basic concept of the show is that you have two teams who are given $500 dollars. With that $500 dollars they have to find items at a flea market that they can refurbish or re-invent. Once there found items are refurbished they then try to re-sell them at a flea market. Who every makes the most money win $5000 dollars.

I personal love the show because its so cool to see how the people re-invent their items. Also (this is my own opinion) I feel like there nothing on HGTV anymore (that I like).Which is sad because I remember when they would show tons of actual craft show like Carol Duvall. So I'm happy that they created a show, thats kinda like a diy show.

I also found this video which is of Laura Spencer talking about Flea Market Flip (she also does some flea marketing picks of her own).

So what are you currently watching?


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