10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Hello Everybody,
I tend to talk a lot about crafting, product reviews and etsy. So I though today I would get a little personal and share 10 random things about myself.

1. I'm currently trying to collect all the minions from McDonalds.Theres eight all together and so far I have five, I just need to get those last three (lol).

2. I love pizza! I really could eat it everyday. My favorite type of pizza is cheese with banana peppers.

3. James Blunt is my favorite musician.

4. I don't have any tattoos but I have thought about getting a small one.

5. I love watching youtube videos. I mostly watch crafty channels or makeup channels. A few of my favorites are Kandee Johnson, Mr. Kate, Beauty Broadcast and Mark Montano.

6. I love reading about handmade businesses or watching shows about them on tv. For example one of my favorite articles on etsy is the ''Quiting Your Day Job'' and I love to watch Tabatha Takes Over. I think its fascinating to learn about how people start a business and how they turn it into a career.

7. My love of dinosaur is growing! I think I need to do a blog post about my favorite dinosaur diys because there everywhere.

8. I love pining quotes on pinterest.

9. I'm currently thinking about changing my major in school. Which is super scary....

10. I love baking. I don't bake as often as I like but I love making cookies, brownies or cupcakes.

If you want to do this post on your own blog by all means do it, I would love to read them. Or list a few things in the comments below about yourself.

xo Katie

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  1. I think I shall do a post like this, but it may appear sometime next month - I'll link you when it posts :)


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