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Today I have a guest on the blog! Her name is Kathy and she blogs over at Yorkshire Linen. So I'll let her take over:

Hi You all lovely people out there. Without any further ado, let me introduce myself. I am Kathy Joe, belonging from here. I am a highly crafty person. Home decor gives a new meaning to my life. I am so thankful to Katie for letting me be here. Hope you all enjoy reading! 

8 Ways to Ornament Your Bedroom with Curtains
Curtains are often ignored and neglected when the layout and décor of a room is being considered, but this is a great shame as the right curtains can enhance and emphasise points of interest and accent colours and the wrong curtains can drain colour and live from a room. Choose your bedroom curtains carefully in order to create the desired effect.

1 Contrasting Curtains

Choosing curtains that seem to go against the general colour scheme of a room can seem like a bad idea, but if you choose the right colours and fabrics to work against each other the general effect can be lively and charming, providing a welcome relief from the monotony of the main colours of the room. This policy must be thought through very carefully as it is easy to go wrong and end up with clashing curtains that look as though you just chose any old pair to fill up the space!

2 Matching Accent Colours
A better policy with bedroom curtains is to have them made up in one of the lesser or accent colours of the décor scheme. Say, for example, that your walls are cream and that you have bedding in navy blue with small touches of deep crimson. Choose crimson curtains to enhance that accent colour and to pick out all the instances of it within the room and you will see how professionally polished your bedroom looks.

  3Luxury Curtains
Purchasing heavy silky or velvet curtains for a relatively plain room can boost the décor from ordinary to sumptuous in one easy move. You will be amazed at the opulence provided by a high quality set of curtains, even in the smallest, most badly proportioned room – it can change entire outlook of the décor. For frilly and opulent curtains, my favorite is Yorkshire Linen Co. Store.

4 Colour Block Curtains
A fairly new trend has seen the advent of curtains with a wide band of contrasting or complementary colour to the top or bottom of the drape. The reason this look has become so popular and is so successful it that it heightens the room and adds a great degree of elegance. With any floor length curtains it is important that they hang beautifully, so do not neglect to steam them (you can use a professional steamer if you have one, but an ordinary steam iron works just as well, even if it takes a little longer!) so that they hang perfectly straight: crumpled curtains look awful and can ruin the entire look of your bedroom! 

5 Sheer Masses
A delightful effect can be achieved with masses of sheer fabric as curtains. Not only will the light fabric to allow maximum sunlight to penetrate the room, but you will be perfectly private while dressing or changing. These airy curtains are excellent in small bedrooms that otherwise might feel gloomy and cramped.

6 Cheerful and Jaunty Stripes
Add charm, appeal and a great sense of fun to your bedroom décor with a wealth of stripes. Even if the rest of the bedroom has a dearth of stripes, you can use them quite happily in your windows to enhance the colour scheme and add a cheerful splash of colour into the décor.

7 Texture In
Use textured curtains, made from embossed and embellished fabrics like brocade, to add layers of interest to the décor. If you feel your chosen furniture and decor scheme may be a little dull and superficial, the use of heavily textured fabrics can alleviate this, especially if you manage to purchase throws and cushions in similar fabric to that from which the curtains are made. For embellished fabrics my hot favorite is Top Fabric.

8 Benefits of Tab Top

A lot of curtains are being made with tab tops or with eyelets big enough for the curtain pole to pass through. These curtains are excellent in most rooms as they create a clean drop from the pelmet to the floor which emphasises the height of room – plus there is the not inconsiderable advantage of no longer needing to fiddle about with hooks and rings!

*All great tips! I love the idea of doing color block curtains or contrasting curtains. Both types would really add some punch to a plain bedroom. Thanks Kathy for the guest post!

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