eShakti Dress Review

Hello Everyone,
Today were gonna do something a little different and talk about fashion. The lovely company eShakti contacted me a month ago and asked if I could review one of there dresses. Now usually I'm a little bit picky when it comes to ''sponsor/review posts'' but when I saw the vintage look of eShakti dresses I about died. So needless to say this little green number is from them and I absolutely love it!

eShakti (for those of you who may not know) is an online shop that offers affordable and customizable fashion for sizes between 0 through 36. If your someone who has a hard time shopping for ''your body type'', eShakti offers multiply ways to customize there clothes so they can fit ''your body''. To give you a better description about how eShakti works, here is a little blurb from there about page:

''Our design teams are based in New York, California and India which gives us a diverse fashion perspective. Our clothing is made in India in our own factories and in local factories that produce some of the leading brands at retail. We do not stock any sizes. Since each style - whether standard sized, custom styled or custom sized - is cut to order, we do not have to warehouse our merchandise. Therefore, you will notice that every style requires your height measurement, whether you are customizing or not. This ensures you a "truer" fit. We ship directly to you. That helps us to keep our fashion affordable.''

Let me say that these people, are not kidding around about custom sizes. I was shocked when I ordered my dress and saw all the different ways I could customize it. When you order a dress (top, skirt or jacket) from eShakti, you go through three steps. 

The first step will ask you to put in a standard size or custom size. When I order my dress I used a standard size of medium 10. If you decide to go the custom route you will be asked for addition information about your shoulders, chest, waist and etc. Also once you put your information in, the site will save it for you (so you don't have to reenter it again). 

The second step will ask you for your height. This option was a god sent for me because I'm short (actual I'm 5'2 on a good day, haha). So sometimes finding dresses that are the right length for me can be difficult. Having this option made me feel more confidence that the dress was going to be the right length and not drown me in extra fabric. 

The third step will include more styling options depending on what dress your getting. For example you might have the option to change the actual dress length (to a whole different style), adjust the sleeve type and even remove pockets.

Once I was done when the ordering process, they told me it would take 7-9 working days until my order would be shipped. After about a week, I got a notice that my order had been shipped and maybe three days later I got my dress. So (in my opinion) shipping for something like this was pretty fast.

Also if your wondering about prices, some of eShakti dresses (in there overstock category) can be as little as $35.95. But most of there dresses will fall somewhere between $40 and $100 dollars. Which is really not that bad since your getting a tailored dress from the get go. 

When I actually tried the dress on, I couldn't have been happier! Everything turned out exactly the way I order it. The size was right, the length was right, the color was super rich and the dress had pockets (which was something I was probably too excited for).

The dress I got is called the Retro poplin shirtdress. Its described as ''A notched portrait collar and pleated banding at the inset waist style our cotton poplin dress with box pleating at the flared skirt''. It also had these features:
  • Slips on over head, partial side zip closure.
  • Short self-button front closure.
  • Elbow-length sleeves, ruched shoulders, rolled cuffs.
  • Bodice darts for a shaped silhouette.
  • Elastic smocked back waist.
  • Side seam pockets.
  • Below knee length.
  • Cotton, woven poplin, pre-shrunk and bio-finished, light crisp feel, no stretch, midweight.
  • Machine wash.
The four buttons down the front and the two buttons on each side of the sleeves were actually gold. Also the color of the dress is described as ''spring green'' but I would described it more has an emerald. The actual fabric of the dress was also nice and ''thick''. What I mean by ''thick'' is that the dresses fabric was not thin enough to see through it. I have had some bad experiences in the past where I boughten dresses online, got them home and realize that the fabric was so thin, you could see right through it. This dress did not have that problem. 

Overall I was very happy with my dress! Everything came out looking good and the tailoring was absolutely perfect. All in all, I would definitely purchase another dress from eShakti!  

If you would like to learn more about eShakti and the clothes they offer you can find out more information by visiting there facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, google+ and instagram pages. Also right now when you sign up with eShakti you can get a $25 gift coupon! 

What do you think? Do you like this dress?

xo Katie 

* This is a sponsored post by eShakti, whom I’m very happy to work with. All opinions are my own.*


  1. First time I've ever heard of them but they do have some wonderful designs. The little green dress looks lovely on you and I must add that you have a very pretty figure.

    I will definitely put eShakti on my favorites list as I always have a hard time finding clothing that fits me. You think you're short, try being 4' 11" ! :D

  2. Aww, thanks so much!

    Before this, I had never heard about eShakti, but once I saw there dresses (and prices) I knew I had to give them a try. All there styles are super cute and to have them tailored to fit your body is just icing on the vintage cake!

    Also in my family I have always been the short one and get tease about it all the time. So I couldn't imagine being 4''11''!

    Thanks For Stopping By :)


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