For My Mom: Her 5 Favorite Projects

Hello Everyone, 

If you read my last blog post, then you know that I have been gone for several months due to the passing of my Mom. 

My Mom was my best friend, my biggest cheerleader in life, and the biggest cheerleader of this blog. 

No matter how many times I told her that my blog was a tiny guppy in a sea of more successful blogs, it didn't matter to her. She was always the first person to read my newest blog post, she would always talk about my blog at family gatherings, and she always talked about my blogging with such great pride. 

Her unfailing confidence in me and in my writing/projects is one of the many things that I will always carry with me. 

With that being said, I wanted to dedicate today's blog post to her, by sharing some of her favorite projects from Running with a Glue Gun. 

Even though she supported all of my projects, she had her favorites (like any mom would). 

So, if you would allow me the liberty. 

Mom, here are those projects that you never stopped talking about, and those projects that ended up in your own personal collection! 

♥ ♥ ♥
Hidden Book Storage DIY

3 Step DIY: Coloring Book Storage
Fox Coasters DIY

3 Step DIY: Tea Box

DIY: Crayon Box

♥ ♥ ♥

Before I end this post, from one crafty friend to another, if your Mom is still on earth, may I suggest that you call her, send her a text, or go see her. The time you spend with her if something that you will always cherish. 

xo Katie

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