Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Favorite D.I.Y'S Right Now

Hello Everyone,
Now I love making things as much has the next crafter, but sometimes I need some inspiration too. So today I thought I would share with you guys, some of my favorite D.I.Y'S right now!

DIY: Bead and Hardware Bracelet

                                                                          Source: pamplemousse1983.com via Katie on Pinterest

                                                                   Source: changeofsceneries.blogspot.com via Katie on Pinterest

                                                                    Source: theflourishingabode.com via Katie on Pinterest

                                                                             Source: 25.media.tumblr.com via Katie on Pinterest

DIY iPhone Cover
Do you have a favorite D.I.Y right now?


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I have been trying to post a DIY tutorial every second day and some of these are great!


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