Saturday, November 28, 2015

DIY Wrapping Paper Wall Art

Let's be honest, as soon as you ate that last piece of turkey (which was smothered in gravy), you probably started thinking about Christmas! 

To get you into the Christmas spirit, today I'm over at Blitsy showing you guys how to create this Wrapping Paper Wall Art! The nice thing about this particular project, is that its a recyclable type of project that can be customized to fit anyone's style. It also a great project for beginning crafters and would be fun to make with a bunch of friends. 

To see the full tutorial click here.

xo Katie

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Blitsy Golden Scissors Blog Hop

Well folks, I have something that is pretty darn exciting today! What is it you ask? How about a giveaway!!!

As you all know, I am currently on Bltisy's Creative Design Team. Now if your not familiar with Blitsy, they are an online craft store that sells craft supplies for up to 70% off. There you can find supplies for paper crafting, needle crafts, kids crafts, fine arts, jewelry making, and so much more! 

For the holidays Bltisy has created a giveaway contest called Bltisy's Golden Scissors! I'm happy to say that the Golden Scissors have come to Running with a Glue Gun! 

So I like to welcome you all to the Bltisy Golden Scissors Blog Hop!

Each blog in this hop is giving away a pair of Golden Scissors, which means you have 13 chances to win! You definitely want a pair of the Golden Scissors because then you'll be entered into the grand prize drawing for $1000 to spend at Blitsy or a year's worth of craft supplies! You should have gotten to me from Just Trya and (encase your wondering) I am last in the blog hop! Also just leave a comment on each blog for your entries.

So before we get into the meat and potatoes about how to enter, I'm going to give you a sneak peek at some awesome deals that will be happening on Blitsy!

Here are your sneak peeks at some of Bltisy's holiday deals! 

1. We R Memory Keepers Template Studio Starter Kit (On Friday it will be $29.99, the regular price is $74.99)

2. We R Memory Keepers Banner Punch Board (On Friday it will be $9.99, the regulatr price is $24.99)

3. We R Memory Keepers Heatwave Tool & Accessories (Sale on Cyber Monday)

4. Zutter-Bow-it-All (Sale on Friday)

5. Zutter-Tool-it-All (Sale on Friday)

6. American Crafts Desktop Essentials (Sale on Sunday)

I will say that I own two of the We R Memory Keepers punch boards and the Zutter-Tool-it-All and absolutely love the products! So I would definitely check those items out! Also if you're curious about when sales will be occurring, below are the times and dates. 
  • Black Friday at 12am CST
  • Saturday 6am CST
  • Sunday 6am CST
  • Cyber Monday 6am CST 

Wanna enter? Then below is what you need to know!

How To Enter:
  • Leave a comment about the sneaks (or sneak peeks) that I've revealed, for your entry on my blog.
How Long Does The Contest Run:
  • Commenting / entries are open until 7pm CST on Thanksgiving. Winners will be announced during Blitsy Pajama Party (#blitsysleepover) and posted on Blitsy's Blog

So leave a comment on this blog and make sure you go through each blog in this blog hop. Its important that you do so, because it will increase your chances of winning and you will discover more amazing deals!

Start the whole blog hop by clicking here!

Good Luck!!!

xo Katie

p.s If you want to RSVP to Blitsy's Black Friday Pajama Party then click here

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DIY: Mini Pumpkin Pie Slice Trays

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only two days away! I mean, where has November gone? 

In honor of Thanksgiving and my love of home decor, I thought I would throw one more Thanksgiving Day project your way!

Today's DIY is all about mini pumpkin pie slice trays! Now I'm using the word, ''tray'', loosely because I know your probably thinking those trays can't hold much. However, at the end of this post, I'm going to be giving you some ideas on how you can incorporate these ''trays'' into your Thanksgiving Day home decor! 

Pumpkin Pie Slice Pattern (not pictured)
White Oven Bake Clay
Rolling Pin
Brown Paint
Orange Paint
White Paint (optional / not pictured)
2 Flat Wooden Sticks (optional)
Clear Acrylic Spray (not pictured)
Paint Brush
Craft Knife

Also, before we hop into the DIY, I hand drew my pumpkin pie slice pattern. However you could print an image from Google, if you don't feel comfortable drawing. 

Step 1: Open up your box of clay and take out about one third of your clay. Then begin conditioning your clay by warming it up in your hands and creating a small ball. 

Step 2: Place your ball of clay in between two flat pieces of wood and begin rolling out your clay with your rolling pin. Rolling your clay in between two flat pieces of wood, helps to control the thickness of your clay. For example my two pieces of wood are 1/4'' thick, this means that when I roll out my ''slab'' of clay that it will also be 1/4'' thick. This will help make all of the trays the same size and thickness. 

Step 3: Once your clay is rolled out, place your pumpkin pie slice pattern on top and trace around it using your craft knife. Then cut out your pumpkin pie slice with your craft knife.

Keep repeating steps 1-3 until you have as many trays has you desire. Then follow the instructions that came with your clay and bake your trays. 

Step 4: Once your pumpkin pie slices are cool, you can begin painting them! Now you can get as detailed as you want during this step. Personally, I tried to make the painting simple by first painting my pie crust (brown), then my pie filling (orange) and finally my whipped cream (an off white)! 

When your happy with how your pie slices look, set them aside to dry. 

Step 5: When the paint on your pie slices are dry, take them outside and spray a thin coat of clear acrylic spray onto them. This will help seal in all the paint and provide a protected coat to the top of your trays. 

Once your trays are completely dry, you're ready to set them out and begin using them! 

Aren't these trays adorable! 

Now I said I was going to give you some ideas on how you could incorporate these trays into your Thanksgiving Day home decor. If you look at the above photo, you will see that I used these trays to display fall decor, a small fake tea light and a small bowl of nuts. Out of these three options, my favorite it definitely the tea light because it kind-of looks like a dollop of whipped cream! 

You could also use this trays as coasters too or just display them as is! 

So do you like these Mini Pumpkin Pie Slice Trays? Also do you even like pumpkin pie (lol)?

xo Katie 

p.s If want to check out more Thanksgiving Day projects then click here

Thursday, November 19, 2015

DIY: Turkey Leg Dog Toy + Meet Niblet!

In Tuesday's blog post, I gave you guys a sneak peak at blog content that you will be seeing this month. One of the things I mentioned in that post, was introducing you to a new four legged friend. Well, folks I like you to meet the newest member on the Running with a Glue Gun family..... Niblet!

Now Niblet is the best thing since slice bread and I know you probably all agree with that statement! He has officially been in the family for almost a month and is so adorable. You may have remembered that last year I lost my little Sparky and was not really ready for another dog. However, a year had passed and I really missed the idea of having a little four legged friend to make toys for. So thank God, the Nibs (what all his close friends call him) was born (lol)! 

To make his welcome official on the blog, I thought why not create a Thanksgiving Day dog toy DIY. So today I will be showing you how to create a turkey leg dog toy, in only 4 steps! 

Brown Felt
White Felt
Sewing Pins
Thread (Brown and White)

Step 1: Find an image of a turkey leg that you like and print it out. Then cut that image into two separate pieces. You will want to cut where the turkey and bone meet. Once you do this you will have two separate pattern pieces like above.

Now take your pattern pieces and trace around them onto your felt. You will want to cut out two pieces of your brown felt (which will be your turkey meat) and two pieces of your white felt (which will be your bone). 

As a side note, I linked the image that I used under the supplies section but you could also free hand your turkey leg pattern, if thats more your style!  

Step 2: Lay one of your brown felt pieces on top of one of your white felt pieces. Then take brown thread and sew (using a simple stitch) those pieces together. Once your done, tie off your work and repeat this step with your other pieces. 

When your completely done, you will have two separate turkey legs. 

Step 3: Pin your two turkey leg pieces together and sew around the edges using a whip stitch. While your stitching, make sure you leave a small hole so you can stuff your toy.

Step 4: Fill your toy up with some stuffing and finish your sewing by using the same whip stitch. 

When your done stuffing and sewing, you ready to give your new handmade toy to your furry four legged friend!

Niblet loved his new toy and might I add, was holding the turkey leg the proper way (lol)! If you would like to see more dog toy DIYs, you can check out the new ''Dog Toy DIYs'' category under the tab labeled ''DIY Projects'' above. 

What do you think? Do like this turkey leg dog toy? 

xo Katie 

p.s I know handmade items are not perfect. So anytime I make a toy for Niblet, I always make sure to watch him while he is playing. You can never be to careful with your four legged friends!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A New Domain Name + A Sneak Peek At This Month's Blog Content!

A week ago today, I posted a survey about domain names for the blog. Well, I'm happy to say that I finally took the first step of ''professionally blogging'' and bought my own personal domain! So if your curious about what web address you will be seeing now, it will be:

Now encase your wondering, every article or blog post you may have pinned or bookmarked will automatically redirected you to the above domain. Which is awesome because I'm not loosing my readers and you guys are not loosing your favorite blog posts! 

With that news out of the way, I thought it would be fun to give you guys a sneak peek at some blog posts that you will be seeing this month! For example, I may be introducing you to a new four legged friend and be showing you how to make some sort of DIY to go along with that friend....

Along those same lines, you might be seeing some blog posts covering the following topics:
  • DIY Trays
  • Black Friday Craft Shopping Ideas
  • DIY Blogger Tips
  • Printables 
This month (I promise) will be fun and be full of helpful DIY/Blogger information! Also I just wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to answer my domain survey and for leaving your feedback. It really helped!!!

xo Katie

p.s If your wondering about those Fox Coasters in the first picture, you can get the full DIY tutorial by click here


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