I'm In A Book: Quilted Wall Hangings

Hello Everyone! 

One thing that I didn't blog about last year was the opportunity that I had to be in a book by Leisure Arts and Prime Publishing! 

Today I wanted to talk about that particular book, and share with you the sewing project that I contributed! 

The book that I had the opportunity to contribute to is called Quilted Wall Hangings - 11 Unique Projects for Quilt Lovers!

Below is the official description of the book:

Quilted Wall Hangings: 11 Unique Projects for Quilt Lovers (quilting, DIY, wall hangings, modern)
Add color, texture, and wonder to any room with these exquisite Quilted Wall Hangings! Inside you’ll find twelve gorgeous and unique wall hanging projects by some of the most talented quilt designers around. Projects range from beginner level to the more advanced and include the following gems:

 • Adventure Awaits
 • Compass of Beauty
 • Jelly Roll
 • Modern Mountain
 • Mosaic
 • Shattered Star
 • Coral Gem

You’ll uncover bold and modern patterns, more whimsical ones, and even nursery approved quilted wall hangings. So grab your rotary cutter and some fab fabric, and clear a primo place on your wall immediately!

As you can see, the theme of the book is all about quilted wall hangings. I thought this was an interesting concept because it takes quilting (which can be a complicated craft) and makes it's much more manageable (in my opinion)! This is especially great if you are new to sewing and are looking for a simple but fun quilting project to make. 

The project that I contributed is called ''Jelly Roll” and is on page 36. If you are unfamiliar with what a ''jelly roll'' is in the sewing world, it's basically strips of pre-cut fabric that have been rolled. To get a better idea of what I'm talking about, you can check out some fabric jelly rolls here

I was so happy with how this project turned out and feel so blessed that I was able to be in the book! 

If you are new to sewing and are looking for a fun project to make, I would definitely check out this book! 

The book can be purchased through Leisure Arts as either a paperback or digital download. Also, you can purchase the book at some Jo-Ann Fabric Stores. 

Do you sew? or Have you ever made a quilted wall hanging? 

xo Katie

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