Deramores Striped Afghan Kit Review

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I’ve been super busy lately with my virtual assistant business, that my focus has been more on my business and less on creating tutorials. However, I did find time to knit a afghan!

A few months ago, a company called Deramores contacted me to ask if I wanted to review one of there knitting kits. Of course, I said yes! So today, I am going to be reviewing Deramores' Striped Afghan Kit in Deramores Studio Chunky.

For starters, Deramores is a knit and crochet retailer in the UK. They are known for curating some of the best yarns and offer a wide variety of supplies to both knitters and crocheters. Besides serving the UK, they also serve those of us who are in the U.S. (yay)!

The product that I was asked to review was one of there knitting kits. I got to choose between three kits and ended up choosing the Striped Afghan Kit in Deramores Studio Chunky.

In the kit, you got 14 balls of yarn and the directions in a PDF format (knitting needles were not included). The yarn was very good quality, super soft, and chunky. With that being said, you didn’t get to choose the yarn colors. For example, I have seen knitting kits (on other websites) where they offer the kits in multiple color choices. However, for this Striped Afghan, you only had one color choice/color combo which was mustard, frost (aka white), and elephant (aka grey).

Once I got the kit, knitting the afghan wasn’t too difficult. This is because you were using a combination of a moss and stockinette stitch. With that in mind, it did take a while to complete since you were knitting with 5 balls of yarn and were switching out those colors every few rows.

Overall, I thought the afghan was super nice and the kit (including the price) was great! However, if I had to make one suggestion, I do think that Deramore could add more information to there website about the pattern itself. This is because the description of the pattern (as of right now) is very cut and dry.

For example, they tell you the yarn weight, needle size, tension, author of the pattern, format of the pattern, the garment, and pattern count (in a list format). Other than that, they don’t tell you much else.

Personally, when choosing a knitting or crocheting kit, I like to know as much information as possible. For example, skill level, an in-depth description of the kit/pattern, important additional information (like knitting with 5 balls of yarn), etc. When compared to a company like Lion Brand Yarn, I think Deramores could definitely improve how much information they tell there customers about there kits.

Other than that, I loved the kit and the pattern is something that I could definitely use over and over to make different versions of this afghan.

To learn more about Deramores and the products they offer, make sure you check out their website below!

Click here if you are in the U.S

Click here if you are in the UK

Have you ever knitted or crocheted something from Deramores?

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 *All opinions are my own and this is a sponsor post from Deramores*

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