If it ain't broke don't fix it......I mean really don't fix it, make a necklace

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Well you have probably heard of the saying " if it ain't broke don't fix it", in this case you really shouldn't fix it. One thing that I hate is when jewelry breaks, either a charm fell off a bracelet, a clasp breaks or your beaded necklace comes all undone. Now if you love your jewelry like I do, then it's very hard to part with it once it breaks. 

What I've been doing for a while, is saving broken jewelry in a jar for some future project. Yesterday I went through my broken jewelry jar and picked out the pieces that I wanted to use to make a new necklace. So in today's post I'm going to give you my tips, on transforming broken jewelry into wearable jewelry.



  1. Find Inspiration
  • One color that I am in love with is mint, so when I was thinking about the colors for my necklace I thought of using this color. I also went through my seventeen magazine, to get a feel of what style I wanted to do. Now my suggest would be to find a trend, color or design that you like and try to incorporate that into your jewelry piece.  You could even find a necklace that you like ( but maybe can't afford ), and try to make your own version by using your broken jewelry. You can look through magazines, search the web or maybe watch your favorite t.v show, to get inspiration for your necklace.

     2. Get Supplies
  • Once you find your inspiration, make sure you have all the supplies you need to make your piece of jewelry. Now in my necklace I just use some jewelry cord, I didn't get fancy with using a lot of jewelry supplies. But depending on what your making, will affect what jewelry supplies you will need. Here's a list of basic jewelry supplies you should have on hand for any jewelry project...
                                                        - Wire Cutter
                                                        - Flat Nose Pliers
                                                        - Round Nose Pliers
                                                        - Head Pins
                                                        - Eye Pins
                                                        - Clasp
                                                        - Jump Rings
                                                        - Crimp Beads
                                                        - Chain
                                                        - Bead String Wire
                                                        - Bead String Cord
                                                        - Hot Glue Gun

   3. Get Space
  • Once your ready to go, find a space that you can work in. This could be at your kitchen table, in your office ( at home), or on a TV tray. Which-ever you do, make sure that all your beads are together in one place and that you have enough space to work in.

   4. Start Beading
  • When you start beading make sure that you take your time and enjoy the process. If you don't like how your necklace turn out, then cut the beading cord or wire and try again. Don't be afraid to add big charms or to do something small because this necklace is suppose to be your style and reflects you. So design a piece of jewelry that you would wear and be proud of it.
So here is my before and after  

This was when I picked out the broken necklaces and bracelets that I wanted to use.

By putting all of the broken necklaces and bracelets together, I created a new necklace to add to my handmade jewelry collection. 

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