Pretty Postcards

Hey Crafters,
I haven't done a craft project in a while,  so I though I show you guys how to make your own postcards. This project is so simple and you problem have most of the supplies around your house.


Pretty Postcards 

  • Mod Podge
  • Scrapbooking Paper (mine is double sided which means their two patterns one on each side)
  • Foam Brush
  • Subscription Cards (aka the annoying things that fall out of magazines when you read them) 
  • Glitter Glue ( optional) 

 Step 1: Apply some mod podge to one side of your subscription card and glue it to your scrapbooking paper.

Step 2:  Once your paper is dry, cut out your postcard. Then repeat step 1 to the other side of your card. ( notice how the paper is upside down, I did that to show you guys that I was using the pattern on the other side of the paper).

  Step 3: Now once your card is covered, grab a ruler and marker and draw a line down the middle of your postcard and make a little box for your stamp. 

 Step 4: This step is optional. I grabbed my glitter glue and added some glitter to some areas on the postcard, to give it more dimension. At this step you could do anything your little heart desires, for example I could have did some sewing, stamping or more collaging on my postcard. 

Step 5: Send your postcard!  

p.s the scrapbooking paper I use was from Hobby Lobby and is call winsome by Sasafras


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