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Well it's Sunday which means it time for another Special Sunday Etsy Picks, where I list my top ten favorite products on Etsy right now. Again for those of you who don't know what Etsy is, it's a website where crafters can sell their handmade items.I added something to this post as well, after every item you will see the link where you can find the item and buy it or just find out more information about the item.  So I hope you enjoy your stay and have a great Sunday!


1.Crayon Art Folio Holder PDF Pattern Perfect for Travel Vacation and Organization by ginia18
I think this crayon holder is so cute, and I love the pattern. This would not only be a great holder for kid's art supplies but for adult art supplies as well. All you would have to do is just swap the crayon's out for some more grown up art supplies and you would have a cute way to do your art while you travel. So this piece could really be for kids or adults, since it's the perfect size and holds just enough supplies for your travels. 

2. Maltese Glass Tile Pendant by Gena Semenov FREE SHIPPING USA by genasemenov
What can I say, I love dogs, I have a Maltese and I love jewelry ( enough said).

3. Funny upcycling Necklace - pencilmania - Rainbow by ArohaJewelz
I love, love, love this necklace. Now the seller makes many versions of this necklace ( I just happen to like all the colors together). The seller also makes earrings and rings to go with the necklace. This is a great statement necklace and would add a pop of color to any outfit.

4.  16 pcs Mixed colors Plastic Cat Pendants by tak555
This shop would bring out the jewelry maker in anybody because the shop as so many cute charms. The cat pendants were my favorite, but the shop also had charms of sunglasses, fishs, and bows. So the jewelery making possibles are endless. I also love the bright colors. 

5. Felt play food - Hamburger and french fries set - eco friendly ecofi felt - handmade by CreationByM
This food makes me wish I was little, cause if I was I would totally play with this food. This shop not only serves up burgers but they serve ice cream, pie, breakfast, shrimp, and fried chicken. All the play sets are eco friendly and everything comes apart ( like in the second picture) so you can make your own food with or without cheese. 

6. 1950's Vintage Navy-Blue and White Polka-Dot Print Silk-Rayon Couture Portrait-Collar Plunge Short-Sleeve Fitted Nipped-Waist Rockabilly Ballerina-Cupcake Bombshell Femme-Fatale Full Circle-Skirt Swing Garden Wedding Cocktail Party Sun Dress by  TimelessVixenVintage
It was hard just to pick one dress from this shop because I love them all. This shop as so many beautiful, classic, tailor 1940-1950 dresses. The dresses come in a  variety of colors, styles and this shop also as wedding dresses.  I really wish these types of dress would come back in style because I just think there so cute. 

7.Sub Sandwich and Coke Necklace by shayaaron
I know this is my third necklace for this top ten list, but look at the detail! I love this necklace and this shop. This shop as everything from ice cream to tacos and the detail on all of them is amazing.  

8. Pink Color Handbag by CrazyBoy
This bag is so cute and is so big! I'm looking for a purse right now, and I love this bag. What I like is the style, shape and the color. Now if you like this bag but not the color, the shop offers this bag in brown, purple, and many other colors.

9. Custom Wooden Star House Personalized Sweetheart Tree (you give me your names or initials) and Gray Squirrel Pair (you tell me what colors) by urastarhouse
This would be perfect for anybody who's been together or who is getting married. I love how you can get it personalized and I just think it looks so cute and unique. I also love the little boy and girl squirrel! 

10. fluffy white puppy salt and pepper shakers by Auntdelta
Finally I can't do a top ten without including an antique. So these little salt and pepper shaker puppys are perfect to end of my list. I think these shakers are so cute and again I love the boy and girl combo. I think the real reason why I love these shakers is because it reminds me of my own dog. But these shakers would be great to add to your collection ( if you collect shakers) or they would be great on your kitchen table. 

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