Special Sunday Etsy Picks On Wednesday

Hey Guys,
If you can tell by the title, today I'm doing my Etsy picks. I'm graduating this weekend and I'm going to be really busy, so I won't have time to do my picks this weekend. So I'm doing my picks today and next week my picks will be move back to Sunday.


1. Polaroid Ceramic Coaster - Pink Fairies by justnoey
I really wish Polaroid pictures would come back, but for now I'll settle with these awesome Polaroid inspired coasters by justnoey

2. Leather ipod ,itouch,iphone case by tovicorrie
I love this case, it's cute and functional. Also you wouldn't have any trouble finding your ipod, in your purse.

3. Dum Dum Lollipop Candy Tree by aWhaleOfaParty
Yum! This is such a cute idea and would be great for parties, I also love the color. I might try and make my own version, since it's such a cute idea. 

4. Kawaii Japanese Ring - Cupcakes In The Pan by SouZouCreations
One simple word...... Adorable!  


5. Mitzi The Maltese by APDesigns
Yes, another Maltese item.  


6. Sunny Strapless Short Summer Blue Sexy Sun Dress : Flower Whispering Collection by madoosika
This dress is so cute and would be great for summer, I also love the color and pattern. 


7. The BIG SALE Vintage Mid Century Modern Universal Brand AM Radio by ChicVintageWear
If I had one of these I would totally use it! What got me was the color,  I mean it's pink how could not love it.

8.The Rachel - Braided Rope Headband by sunshineandcarousels
I love this headband, what I really liked about it was the color. Sunshineandcarousels has a blog which is just has equal good has their Etsy shop, you should totally check them out. 


9. Sock Monkey Love Robot by sleepyrobot13
 I love robots and sock monkeys, so having them together is perfect!  

10.  Love Bird...An Art Journal...Large by feedyoursoulart
Journaling is so much fun and I love this handmade journal by feedyoursoulart. I have made my own journals and it takes a lot of time and work. So something like this, I feel needs to be look at and appreciated because it is a piece of art.  


Other Special Sunday Etsy Picks




  1. great choices katie! i really like the coasters and the ring!

  2. Thanks! Also thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)


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