Special Sunday Etsy Picks

Good Morning,
Well it's Sunday which means it time for another Special Sunday Etsy Picks, where I list my top ten favorite products on Etsy right now. Again for those of you who don't know what Etsy is, it's a website where crafters can sell their handmade items.So I hope you enjoy your stay and have a great Sunday!


p.s this Sunday my comments on all the items will be shorter. lol.

1.LIMITED Charm Melting Serise Double Scoops No.1 by misssapporo
Another adorable ice cream charm! I love the mint chocolate chip ice cream , it just looks so real. 

2.  Sale black purse with gold and cream heart and icecream lining by LiberinaBags
I love ,love, love this purse! The lining on the inside is so cute, this shop also has purses with linings of the Wizard Of Oz, and other vintage looking patterns.

3.Unique IPad Case fits iPad and iPad2, Real Leather upcycled from 1970s story book record by brindakaydesign
I don't have an IPad, but after seeing this I would totally buy one. 


4. 6 Candy Land Guys Old School by cheapoldcrap
I love this shop because it provides so many embellishments, that you could use for projects. This shop has old vintage cards, dominos, and keys. ( also I love the name of the shop) 

5. Retro apron with ruffles, Cupcakes pattern. 1950s inspired, fully lined. by RosieAnnShop
I know another retro inspired apron, but I just love the cupcakes. 

6. Big Stuffed Scotty Dog - Green cupcakes by sewcutebylindsay
Yes, more cupcakes but now it's on a cute little stuffed scotty dog.

7. ELECTRIC 80s toy charm necklace with many vintage charms, red, pink. black by lilmissdollface
I love this necklace and I might try to make my own. 

8.  Vintage Royal Albert Silver Birch Bone China Soy Wax Tea Cup Candle - your choice scent by pinkfence
So cute and the tea cups are gorgeous.

9. Katy Perry ring - cupcake adjustable ring polymer clay fimo alice in wonderland pink frosting time for tea party cup of coffee unique gifts birthday girls party and for the holidays or great prop for katy perry costume by  shimrita
yes, more cupcakes


10. throwback mountain dew hello kitty upcycled recycled retro looking soda pop can altered art magnet by cupcakegangster
 I love hello kitty and throwback mountain dew, so having them together is perfect.


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