Spring/Summer Shoe Makeover

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Hello Crafters,
Thank Goodness that spring and summer have come! Here in Ohio you never know what the weather is going to be and the last couple of weeks it's just been raining. So today it got up to 84, so I am taking advantaging of the weather. I was watching HSN and they were advertising some cute spring/summer shoes, all of the shoes were sandals with some gem detailing. Which reminded me that I had pick up some turquoise gems at hobby lobby, forever ago. I grab an old pair of sandals and my gems and crafted my own pair of spring/summer shoes.
This project is so easy and the possibles are endless when it comes to decorating your shoes. So here is your three step spring/summer shoe makeover!


Spring/Summer Shoe Makeover


Pair of Sandals
E6000 Glue
A pack of gems ( I got mine on sale at hobby lobby) 

Step 1: Make sure your shoe's are clean, just so that the glue can adhere. 

Step 2: Use some E6000 glue, and glue your gems on your shoes and let them dry.

Step 3: Step out in your new shoes! 

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