Fabric Flower Headband

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Lately I have been seeing bow and flower headbands everywhere, I've seen them at the store,  online, on t.v and on a lot of blogs. All the headbands I see are so cute but some of them can get really expensive. A few weeks ago my friend made a flower clip to put in her hair, which was a lot cheaper then the flower clip she was going to buy. So today I thought I show you my version of a flower headband, it was simple to make and most of the supplies you probably already have. But before I get in to the "how to", I wanted to show you guys all the different versions of flower headbands that you could make.





The last two are probably my favorite because I like how they look whimsical but still pack a punch. So finally here is my version of a fabric flower headband.


Fabric Flower Headband  

Fabric (of your choice)
A Circle To Trace Around
Elastic Headband 
Step 1: With your marker trace around your circle 10 times and cut all the circles out ( now depending on how big and full you want your flowers to be, you may not need all 10 circles).

Step 2: Now fold one circle in half and pinch the bottom of it. While your pinching your circle, grab your needle and thread and start sewing. Put a few stitches in to your "petal", then grab another circle and pinch the bottom of it, and sew it to your other "petal". Do this until you get the flower, that you like. 

Step 3: Keep repeating step 2 until you get a flower, that looks like this.

Step 4: Once your flower is done, start sewing it to your headband. Once you get done with this step, then your ready to wear your fabric flower headband! 

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