My Current Obsession

Hey Guys,
Today I thought I would post my current obsession, which is sewing quilts. I love to sew but I'm am no professional. I usually make small quilts with big squares, and most of the time my dog ends up being the owner of all these small quilts. So here's some pictures that I have taken, of some of the quilts that I'm working on. Note that I'm working on 4 different quilts, at one time. Every time I find two fabrics that work with each other, I can't help but putting another project aside to work on a new one. But maybe one day I'll get, all these quilts done.


My Current Obsession

The small quilt I made for my doggy

I love the colors, their so bright and fun. I also love the paw print pattern.

My little man enjoying his new quilt.

The second quilt I was working on, both of the fabrics that I use are from my favorite artist in the world which is Mary Engelbreit 

Close Up

My third quilt, which I think has a retro feel going on.

Fell in love with the kittens with mittens print.

My fourth quilt, which is going to be a big crazy quilt.

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