Special Sunday Etsy Picks/ I'm Back/ Last Minute Project!!!

Good Morning,
I'm back from my mini vacation and I'm sooo glad to be back blogging. It was so hard not being able to blog for a week, but in this coming week I'll be posting a lot of craft tutorials. I'll also be posting pictures of my trip and current projects that I'm working on.  So today I'm kicking things off with my Special Sunday Etsy Picks, and at the end of the post I'll have a quick last minute project for Father's Day.


p.s Happy Father's Day Dad, you rock!!!

1. Vintage Camera Turquoise Imperial Mark 27 by Flyingace

2. Vintage Painter's Portable Easel Pochade by DonkeeHouse

3.Mom's Diner Handmade Wooden Recipe Box Address Trinket Box by TheAdornedAbode

4. Brownie Sundae Ring by shayaaron

5.red patent leather mary janes (us 7/ eur 37.5) by brownbagvintage

6. Ceramic Scottie Dog Buckle with Reversible Fabric Belt by cassieart

7.Keep Calm and Craft On, 5x7 Print-(Hot Pink) Customizable Colors-Buy 3 and get One FREE by KeepCalmShop

8. I Want To Believe Alien Spaceship Flying Saucer Women's Silver T-Shirt in S, M, L, XL by happyfamily

9.Deep Red/ Black Vintage Cat Eye Polaroid Sunglasses. Coupons Apply by gpnexxus

10.Paris 14K GF Charm Necklace by tamar

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Bag

Do you have a great gift but no bag to put it into, or you forgot a bag but don't want to buy a cheap plain one.Well then here is something you can do do jazz up a plain cheap bag, which looks like you pay some money for. 

Plain bag ( I got mine at Target for .99)
Letter Stickers ( I got mine at Target for .99)
Tissue Paper

All you really do, is put your stickers on your plain bag. What I though was so cool, was that at Target (in their scrapbooking section) they had these layered accents. These layered accents only contained one word, so you could buy words like love, mom or dad. Of coarse when I saw the word dad, I jump at the chance to get it ( cause it was only .99). Like I said before this project would be great if you needed something in a pinch, and  didn't want to drop 5.00 dollars for a gift bag. 


So their you go, a simple but quick last minute project for Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to everyone and I hope you all have a great Sunday. 

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