I'm back finally

Hey Guys, 
I know I've been gone for a long time, and I know their hasn't been any thing crafty going on in a while. Well I have some news and that is, that I moved to a new house.

Well, my family and I just moved to a new house; I'm so excited because it's the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. This past year as been filled with a lot of ups and downs but personally I feel like I've learn more about myself in this past year than anything. But most importantly I have seen how strong my family can be how God can turn any hardships and disappointment into something much more rewarding . 

We just got internet, so I feel like I've been away for a long time ( even though it's only been a week and fives days but who counting , laughs). So since things are back and running, you guys are going to see a lot more of me and see a lot more post. I have many post planed and will have my July favorites post up tomorrow. I have an exciting trash to treasure projects that I did, and I might start doing haul post again. One new thing that I 'm going to try is going to be Mini Collection Monday, I'll tell you guys more about that on (you guess it) Monday.  

So thats were I've been and that where this blog is going. I hope everyone has a terrific Thursday and I will see you guys tomorrow. 


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