My dream room ideas....

Hey Guys,
I thought that today I would share some of my favorite room/ home designs, from Out of the 102 photos in my ideabook on their website, I chose my top ten favorites. 

To sum up all of these photos in one word ( or a few) they would be vintage, shabby chic and retro. That's what I love and that's my style. 

So I hope you have fun looking at them and enjoy!


Elegance & Decay eclectic bedroom
eclectic bedroom design
What I love about this room, is the shelves above the bed. I mean if you weren't a reader think of all the vintage toys and goodies that you could put up their.  

Dreamy Whites eclectic dining room
eclectic dining room design by media and blogs Dreamy Whites
If I had this in my room, my parents would probably never see me :) Also the smell would be wonderful, it would really get the creative juices flowing.  

Lola Bs traditional bedroom

interior designs traditional porch
Lately I've seem to have an obsession with suitcases and cameras, I love how these two are being  use as a little side table. 

Lola Bs traditional closet
If I had a room to  dedicate to my craft projects or to my clothes, I would totally set the room up like this one. 

Framed photos eclectic powder room
The carnival in general is amazing and I would love to have all three of these photos on my wall. 

summer lounge eclectic home office
I just think everything is so darn cute!

case study eclectic bedroom
More suitcase.....

Dreamy Whites eclectic dining room
Love the set up and the flowers.

enzos nursery eclectic kids
Even tho this is a kid's room, I love the bright colors and the wall heart ( and the sock monkey).

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