Special Sunday Etsy Picks On Wednesday

Hey Guys,
Well by reading the title you know that my Etsy picks that I write about on Sunday, I'm writing about today. I'm doing my Etsy picks today for a lot of reasons, but once things get going then I'll start posting more regularly with craft tutorial and the whole sha-zam . Tomorrow I'll try to post a quick note, if I get a chance ( which I'll try my hardest to do).

Without further a dew.. my Etsy picks


1.Rocket Iron or Sew On Fabric Applique Michael Miller Fabric by theappliquefinery 

2. vintage Navy Polka Dot Wiggle Dress by thevintagemistress 

3. antique 1951 easter sunday bunny advertisement chocolat 10 inches by 13 inches by

4. Cat on a Bike Ladies T-shirt (Available in sizes S, M, L, XL) by theboldbanana 

5.C'est la vie - 8x10 Travel Photo by chezjolly 

6.X-Files Magazine PURSE sm. handbag Free Mini Wallet by FlauntPurses 

7.Argus Seventy-Five 75 with Flash & Bulb- TLR Camera Great for TtV by VitalVintage 

8.CHRISTMAS IN JULY Set of 6 Vintage McDonald's Food Transformers by Flyingace 

9.Gorgeous 1950's Pearl Colored Cat Eye Glasses with Rhinestones by erinroseoconnor 

10.The PARTY DRESS - Art Print by susannajarian 

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