Mini Collection Monday

Good Morning Everyone,
Last week when I was think about what changes I wanted to make to my blog, I came up with this idea for a series. This series is called Mini Collection Monday, were ever Monday I'll showcase an item from my personal vintage collection. I thought it would be a neat way to share what I have, and see if any of you out their have something similar. 

I'm the type of collector where, I collected whatever I like . Meaning that I just don't collected one particular thing, But if I had to describe what I collect in three words, it would be timeless, vintage and childlike. I have a love for vintage paint books and children's paint sets and love old buttons and kitchy wrapping paper. So hopefully in this series you guys will see some stuff, that you your self find interesting and fun. 

Today's item was actually my mom's, then she gave it to me as a gift. It's a chocolate box ,which was empty when she got it..... darn :) Any who, I love this box for so many reasons but a picture is worth a thousands words so lets roll the pictures! 

This is the amazing chocolate box, which I would like to think would of have amazing chocolates to match it. 
One thing that I loved about this box was the cover art and the color. The whole box screams vintage chic and the colors are more rich in person.
Even the sides have little pictures and a lot of detail.

But my favorite part of the box is inside.... why you ask?
The inside of the box still contains the candy label!!
I mean who wouldn't want cordial strawberry, walnut, maple cream, brazil nut, buttercup.......
The back... sorry I can't say much more than that :)
Have A Great Monday!


  1. This is actually pretty cool!! What a fun little treasure to get from your Mom!! All the chocolate boxes that I see now a days are all made of paper so this is pretty awesome!

  2. Thanks! I know what you mean, chocolate boxes now and day are not this detailed.

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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