Mini Collection Monday

Good Morning,
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I did some shopping for my bedroom and my craft room is almost done ( I'm so excited). I also order a new bedspread and it should be coming this week, so If I have time I'll take a picture and post it.

Today's Mini Collection Monday is a little bit of a mystery... I brought it at a garage sale when I was 7 for I think around two dollars and fell in love with it when I saw it. 

When I bought this at the garage sale, my grandmother told me it was made for the Girl Scouts. What I loved so much about this piece was that it broke apart into ( what I thought 3 pieces). 

The first piece is your frying pan.

The second piece is your bowl.

Then your third piece is a pot and a can opener. 

Now the reason why I said this is a mystery is because I don't think it's an official Girl Scout Mess Kit. I did some searching on google and found that on the official Girl Scout Mess Kits, there was a seal of the Girl Scout logo. I also notice that their were more holes on the official Girl Scout frying pan handle then on my frying pan. 

When I got this set I only got the three pieces shown, with the official Girl Scout Kit you got a frying pan, bowl, cup and pot ( no can opener).  Here's a listing that I found on etsy.  Now this seller also doesn't have a cup but I feel pretty confident that the official Girl Scout Kit did come with one. 

The official seal which mine doesn't have...

The frying pan handle has more holes then mine dose...

So I really don't know what my kit is, on the bottom ( which I never payed attention to till now) saids The Metal Ware Corp. So I feel like my set is suppose to be a copycat of the real Girl Scouts Kit, whatever the case my be I still think the kit is cute and I was still always cherish  it.


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