Mini Collection Monday

Good Morning,
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and I did somethings done on my to do list....

Todays mini collection is 3 vintage children's paint books. I have always loved painting and was always fascinated by vintage children's paint sets and books. My mother was the one who got me my first vintage paint book, then I was hooked. I bought the other two and now I'm on the hunt for more.

Here are the paint books, now they do have some wear and tear but to me that just adds to their charm.

This is my favorite and it's call Patty And Her Dog Paint Book it was produce by Whitman Publishing Co. in 1930. 

This was the second paint book I got which is called The Little Small Red Hen Story Picture & Painting Book

The third book which I bought last year during my birthday, was Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn Paint Book.This paint book was also produce by Whitman Publishing Co.

So I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and I wanted to announce that tomorrow I'm am going to have a giveaway!!! So come back tomorrow to check out all the details and I hope everyone has a Happy Monday :)


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