My Dream Craft Room....

Good Morning,
I was searching the Internet for some vintage inspired bedroom pictures, but instead I found a wonderful article from that talked about craft rooms and home studios. To go along with the article they had amazing pictures of craft rooms, that were filled with fun bright crafting supplies. 

Since we just moved, I'm in the process of trying to make my closet into a small craft room. It's almost done but I still need to add a few more things, to make it an official craft room. 

I pulled some of my favorite pictures from the article to show you what I love about these craft rooms.  

I love the shabby chic style of this room and how their is a lot of open space. 
I am drooling over this gorgeous chair, and I love all the bright ribbons and colors in the background. 
This just looks like a wonderful dream....

If you want to read the full article and see more pictures just follow this link


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