My Version....

Good Morning,
Today I thought I would post a painting that I did over the weekend, I was inspired by a painting that I found for my Sunday Special Etsy Picks back in June. 

Here was my inspiration... 

It's a Camera, Lomography, Diana Mini, I heart photography - Affordable Original Painting, Wall Art, Home Decor (6 x 6 Canvas) by PaintMeAPicture

Heres my version.....
Now what I did was print out the original picture and turned into a stencil. Now I know it's doesn't look perfect and thats because the stencil didn't work as well as I thought. But I think it's imperfectness adds to it handmade charm. In art class I always put pressure on myself to have my artwork look perfect, so I'm trying to retrain my brain ( which is kinda of hard). But I'm making progress, trust me! 


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