On My Radar...Vintage Easy-Bake Ovens

Happy Friday,
Today I thought I would share something thats been on my radar, which is a Vintage Easy- Bake Oven.  Now when I was little I did have an Easy- Bake Oven and loved it. But my problem with the toy, was that I could never get my cakes out of the oven with the little tool they gave you. So a lot of times dad came to the rescue to save my little cakes and cookies ( he also became my taste tester). 

Since then I never really thought about the oven, till my mom brought this book home called Classic Toys Of The National Toy Hall Of Fame. The book was written by Scott G. Eberle and Strong National Museum Of Play, in the book they talk about different toys and their histories. The book is dived up by the years the toys were inducted into this hall of fame, starting from 1998 going to 2008. Some of the toys that are talked about in the book are barbie, crayola crayons, hula hoops, roller skates, mr. potato head, silly putty, raggy ann and even candyland.

get the book here

Now out of all this wonderful toys and their stories, the one that got my attention was the Easy-Bake Oven. When I saw what the ovens looked like in the 60's and 70's my heart skipped a beat. The colors were brighter and the design were so much cuter. After reading the 4 pages of history, I thought I would give just a little summed up version of how they came to be..



For years companies had been trying to invent a toy stove for children to use, but the problem was that they were never really safe to use. Kenner Products design the Easy-Bake Oven, and the funny thing was that they didn't get their inspiration from an adult stove. They got their inspiration from a New York City's street vendor that sold hot dogs and pretzels.  The stove now had a  100 watt light bulb ( that include a cage around the top ventilation unit) and heating coils that were found in a real oven. From 1963-1964 Kenner sold half a million of the ovens, at $15.99 each. In the early 60's the oven debuted ( in my favorite color) turquoise. So over the years the oven design would change to match, the kitchen style and oven design of the time. In the late 60's the ovens had an avocado finish, in the 70's it was a harvest gold and in 1971 the ovens were sunshine yellow and lime green. Also in the late 1970's the Easy-Bake Oven, would resemble a mini microwave. Now the boys were not left out, in the 1960's Kenner offer a pop- corn popper just for the boys. 

So now I am on the hunt for one of these vintage ovens, if I could have my pick I would want a Easy-Bake Oven in turquoise. I guess I'll just have to add this to my vintage wish list for now, but I'll be keeping an eye out for these cute little ovens. Now if you want to see all the cute ovens designs started from 1963, then go to this site http://www.easybakeoven.ca/history.cfm

I hope everyone has a happy weekend and maybe now you should do a little baking?


p.s all of my history information came from the book Classic Toys Of The National Toy Hall Of Fame.  


  1. I saw one of these ovens at a garage sale. But it was rusty and they were asking way too much. And I mean really rusty. Come over and see a painted toilet seat and you're always welcome to become a follower.

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  3. I am trying to find the avocado green Easy Bake oven you have. Any suggestions? Thank you so much


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