Sing A-Long Wall Art

Good Morning,
Lately I've been seeing a lot of wall art, that just features a  some kinda message or a lyric to a song. So I thought I give it a try, heres my very simply to make version. 


Sing A-Long Wall Art 

Scrapbooking Paper
2 Foam Brush
Letter Stickers
Mod Podge

Step 1: Spread some Mod Podge onto your canvass and apply your scrapbooking paper. Then set it to the side to dry ( I put a book on top of my scrapbooking paper so that it would adhere to the canvass better)

Step 2: Spell out your song lyric with your stickers.

Step 3: Paint over your stickers and scrapbooking paper and let it dry.

Step 4: Peel off your stickers to reveal your scrapbooking paper and song lyric, then your ready to hang it up on the wall. 

p.s My song lyric is from So Far Gone by James Blunt, heres the video for your viewing pleasure :)

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  1. It's great, Katie! I love your idea of putting the vinyl down and painting over it and then peeling it off! I've never tried that. Thank you so much for linking up to It's a Party!


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