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Good Morning,
This morning post is more or less going to be very random. Today is my last day before college starts ( I'll be a freshmen), and it's crazy to think that high school is over and the rest of my life is beginning. Most of my friends have already started school, and they are enjoying it for the most part. So part of me is really excited for the new adventure and the other part is just missing all of my friends being together. I was never on the high school bandwagon when it came to liking school, and I don't miss high school I just miss all my friends being in one place (lol).  

Blogging this summer was a great help because it gave me something to do and kept me focus. I am still going to blog when school starts but it might not be everyday. So if you see a shorter amount of post it's because of that reason, I'll still do craft tutorials and reviews but just not everyday. I'm also thinking that I might cut my Special Sunday Etsy Picks down from 10 to 5 ( but thats not written in stone). Will just have to see how everything panes out.

I do believe that no matter what college brings, that it will be a wonderful adventure and God will lead me down the path I need to be on. While writing this I was thinking that maybe I should write one of these post each year that I'm in college ( which for me could be a while.....), just so that I could reflect back and see what I've accomplish and how far I've come.... ( it's a thought).

I couldn't think of no better way to end this post but with a picture from one of my favorite movies....

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