Crafty Inspiration

Good Morning,
Today felt like a good day for some crafty inspiration!


All the pretty things you could sew with all that thread....

Cute storage solution!

Wish I could make this it's just so darn cute.
I wish I had the courage to get a crafty tattoo.... maybe someday.......... probably not lol
I think this would make a really pretty pattern on some fabric... what do you think?
Wish I would came up with this, it's so cool. 
I actually did this on my nails a month ago and it looks so cool,but instead of using a gray polish I use mint green. 
Now this is so freakin amazing
Same as above just freakin amazing.
This reminded me of OneSheepishGirl blog

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  1. I love the suitcase chair, storage jars, and french toast! Amazing features. Thanks for sharing :)


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