Crafty October

Good Morning,
Today I wanted to talk to you guys about a new project that I'm started in October called Crafty October. I came up with the idea because I had a lot of craft projects that I wanted to share with you guys in the month of October. But if you are a blogger who crafts, you know that sometimes it's hard to set up, craft, take pictures, type and share a craft tutorial. It takes inspiration, time and energy, which is sometimes hard to get when your very busy with other things in life.

But... with some planning ( let me repeat planning and long weekends spent doing the process described above) , I have created 10 craft tutorials that will all be publishing in the month of October. Now some of the tutorials are very easy and take no time to do and some other ones are more time consuming. 

I really wanted to do this to challenge myself to see how much crafting I could do in one month and to see how many craft tutorials I could come up with. I love crafting so much and would love to do it everyday for the rest of my life, but for now this is my little way of making it more interesting and more of an adventure.

Now in October anytime I post a craft tutorial this banner will be right above the post (yes! I design it myself by using the MyMemories Scrapbooking Software. The pumpkins I found off google, but I thought they added a cute vintage touch). 

If you want to be crafty in October then grab the button down below and put it on your blog or
on a crafty post in October. If you do grab the button leave a comment down below so I can check     your blog out! 

Running With A Glue Gun

Hope you like Crafty October and Enjoy,

p.s Have a great weekend :) 

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