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Todays post is going to be a very easy tutorial on how to make your own bookmark. I wanted to make a bookmark that was inspired by images that were on sheet music or dictionary paper. If you don't know what I'm taking about heres some examples for your viewing pleasure...

3 Lovely Butterflys Blue, Green & Yellow - printed on Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Paper - 8x10.5
Black and White Dragonfly - printed on Vintage Dictionary paper - 8.5x12.5

I also thought this look was so pretty and always look very hard to do ( meaning you would have to have some artistic talent to create something like this). But you don't have to have a lick of artistic talent because their is way to get this type of look (very easy). Just read on to find out.....


Easy Breezy Bookmark

Scrapbooking paper that either looks like sheet music or dictionary paper
A small image ( make sure you choose one that doesn't have a lot of detail)
Transfer paper ( you can get this at your local art/craft store)
Hole punch
Color pencils, markers or paint ( your choice)
Ribbon, buttons or string (optional)

picture 1
picture 2

Step 1: Lay your transfer paper over the top of your scrapbooking paper and then lay your image on top of the transfer paper ( like shown in the picture 1).  Then take your pencil and trace on top of your image, going over the outline and any other lines on your image. Once your done remove your image and transfer paper, and on your scrapbooking paper will be your  trace image ( like in picture 2). 

Step 2: Then take your markers, color pencils or paint and color your image ( I'm using water colored pencils).

Step 3: Once your done coloring, then cut your image out into a bookmark. Now you could stop there, but I added a string and a button to make a cute tassel. 

Then your ready to read!

What book are you reading, or What book as been your summer favorite?

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