Fabric Flower Necklace

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Today I thought I would do a craft tutorial, now over the weekend here in Ohio it got cool very quickly. Which made me get a little excited, I have always been a spring and summer person, but the cool weather made me thing of pumpkin patches, apple cider, cardigans and scarfs. Which are things that really only sound good in the Fall, so this year I'm excited for the cooler weather and can't wait to eat a piece of pumpkin pie (Mmmm).

Now you are wondering what any of that has to do with the tutorial..... well this necklace that I'm going to show you reminds me of spring and summer but who saids you can't wear floral in the fall? So I'll be rocking this necklace in the middle of September going into October with pride.

So what are you looking most forward to this fall?


 Fabric Flower Necklace 

 Hot Glue Gun
Something To Trace Around Thats In The Shape Of A Circle ( I'm using a cup)
Aleens Fabric Fusion ( Not pictured)
Paintbrush ( Not pictured)

picture 1
picture 2
Step 1: Take your object and trace around it with your pencil onto your fabric (picture 1), then cut out your circles (picture 2). Depending on how big you want your flower, will determine how many circles you will need to cut out. I cut out 11 circle , I use 10 for my actually flower and put one aside for the back of the flower.

picture 1
picture 2
picture 3
 Step 2: Then bunch one of your circles up (picture 1) and hot glue it. Then hot glue your first bunch up circle to another bunch up circle (picture 2).Keep doing this process until you get the size flower you want (picture 3).

picture 1
picture 2
 Step 3: Once your flower is done then flip it over and hot glue your chain to the back of your flower (picture 1). Then take the circle that you set aside and glue it over your chain and flower with some Aleen Fabric Fusion Glue (picture 2). 

When the back of your flower is dry then your done!  

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