Mini Collection Monday

Good Morning,
Hope everyone had a great crafty (or non crafty) weekend! I say crafty because thats all I did, I made a birthday card and gift for a friend and work on some Halloween craft projects ( which I'll be posting in October). 

So today's Mini Collection Monday is a vintage children's watercolor  tin set, which was gift from my mom. The paint set was produce by Binny & Smith (the same people who created Crayola), during the 50's and 60's. I also found out that under the sticker on my paint set it reads, 49 cents (which to me is a good deal for 8 colors and a paint brush) lol. 

What I love about this little watercolor set is the color and image on the front. To me it just screams "sit down and paint a picture", I also like it because it goes with my vintage paint books


p.s Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

p.p.s. What do think of the banner? I know it's a little big, but I thought it would cute above each Mini Collection Monday post.  

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