Quick Cilp On Earrings

Good Morning,
Today I thought I would show you guys how to make a cute pair of clip on earrings (that look like Teddy Grahams)!


Quick Clip On Earrings 

Hot Glue Gun
Clip On Earring Backs
Cute Shank Buttons (mine are Teddy Grahams which I got at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
Step 1:  Now if you have a shank remover tool then you can use that instead of scissors, but I  don't have a shank remover tool so I use a pair of scissors. Use whatever you have to remove the shank off the back of your button.

picture 1
picture 2
 Step 2: Then hot glue your button to the clip on earring back.

Then your done! Now it's time to wear your earrings with your favorite outfit! 

What I'm Linking This Project To
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