Crafty October *Jewelry Week* Domino Halloween Brooch

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Here's todays Crafty October post, if you missed yesterdays then click here.

Today I'll show you how to make a Halloween brooch, out of an old  vintage domino. This project is very easy and the possibles of decorating your domino are endless.

So have Fun and Enjoy,

 Domino Halloween Brooch

Hot Glue Gun  
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Pin Back
Scrapbooking Paper (Halloween Themed)
Halloween Buttons 

picture 1
picture 2
Step 1: Apply some Mod Podge to one side of your domino (picture 1), then adhere your scrapbooking paper on top. Once it's dry then cut the extra paper off from your domino (picture 2). 

Step 2: Now here's the fun part, decorate your domino any way you want. I added ribbon across my domino then put three Halloween buttons on top, but you can do anything that floats your boat. 

 Step 3: Once your done decorating your domino, then flip it over and hot glue your pin to the back of it.

 Then your done!

Tune in tomorrow for a Halloween necklace how to!  

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