Crafty October Treat Bag

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As promise here is a mini tutorial on how to make your own Halloween treat bags! Now I only make these bags for those special Halloween trick or treaters (which are my little cousins) but if you wanted to make them for all the kids in the neighbour hood then be my guest. I think this is a cute and special project to do for your kids, friends, grandchildren or in my case cousins.

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 Halloween Treat Bags

Scrapbooking paper
Halloween Buttons ( not pictured)
Hot Glue Gun ( not pictured)
Scissors (normal or decorative)
Glue Stick
Plastic Bag
Stapler ( not pictured)

picture 1

picture 2

picture 3
Step 1: Take a piece of scrapbooking paper ( thats a little longer then the width of your plastic bag) (picture 1) and fold it in half ( picture 2). Then cut as much off the bottom as you want with your normal scissors or decorative scissors ( picture 3). 

Step 2: Now take your ribbon, Halloween buttons and scrapbooking paper and decorate the folded piece of paper.
picture 1
picture 2

Step 3: Once your decorating, then fill your plastic bag up with candy and open your decorated folded piece of paper and place your bag filled a candy in between the fold ( picture 1). Then take your stapler and staple your decorated piece of paper to your bag ( picture 2).

Then your done!  

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