Holy Comic-Con

Good Morning,
On Monday I wrote that I had some exciting plans for the weekend, and those exciting plans are that I'm going to Comic-Con!

Now I have never been to Comic-Con and I know people dress up and go all out, so this will really be a new experience for me. I'm not dressing up and to be honest I didn't know their was a Comic- Con in Ohio, I thought it only happen in states like California or New York. I found out about it because a girl that my mom works with told her, then mom told me the best part. Two of the guest that are going to be their are going to be Adam West and Burt Ward!!!

Now if you don't know who they are, well then I'm really sad...... But any who they are best know for playing Batman and Robin on the 1966 TV show Batman.


My Dad and I almost flip when my mom told us, because my dad has always love the show and he past that love down to me. So it's are special thing that we share together. I can't wait to meet them, but we haven't decided yet if were going to get a autograph or picture with them. But whatever we choose I know Saturday will be fun, on Monday I'll do a whole post on the event.

Before I end this post I wanted to include some fun links that are all about the TV show Batman.



So do you guy like Batman the TV show? Have any of you ever been to Comic-Con? 

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I haven't been to a comic-con before (I don't even know if we have one in the Netherlands). I do love dressing up in crazy outfits every now and then though. Have a blast!



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