Holy Weekend

Good Morning,
Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Instead of doing a Mini Collection Monday I wanted to do a post about my day at Comic-Con. If you miss last Friday's post about the event then click here.

Let me begin by saying Comic-Con was awesome! When we got there, I was expecting a lot of people to be dress up but most people were in normal clothes ( which surprise me). They had anything you could think of to buy t-shirts, comic books, photos and even a Batphone. The place itself was cool because when you walked in they had all this colorful lights on the ceiling, and the Batmobile was right in the middle of everything. 

The colorful ceiling
Anyone like a t-shirt?

Just some of the many dealers and comic books

Some pictures you could buy for autographs

The line to get Adam West and Burt Wards autograph was long, and pricier then we expected. So we ( dad and I ) decide to get a photo with them instead, which was much better and totally worth the money. 

Heres a photo I got from far away ( Thank God for zoom) of Adam West at his autograph booth. 

Also the Batmobile was there, which was amazing within itself. It wasn't the actual Batmobile, but one made by Fiberglass Freaks which didn't matter to me because they aloud you to sit and take a professional picture in the Batmobile! 

Heres me standing next to the Batmobile 
Over all I had amazing time, and will always remember it! Before I go here are some more random pictures. 

A poster that was for sale from the Batman Movie
Waiting for our picture to develop

I even did my nails for the occasion!

How was your weekend?


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