Fall Inspired Mini Cork Board

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Today I wanted to share with you guys a diy project that I made this past week.


 Fall Inspired Mini Cork Board

Wooden Frame ( I got mine at Walmart)
Orange and Brown Paint
Foam Brush
E6000 Glue
Cork Board
Picture Hanging Hook
Fabric ( not pictured)
Aleene Fabric Fusion Glue ( not pictured)
Cardboard (not pictured) 

Step 1: Paint your wooden frame.

picture 1
picture 2
Step 2: While your frame is drying, take a piece of cardboard (that will fit the back of your frame) and cover it with fabric. When your done gluing your fabric you should have something that looks like picture 2. 

picture 1

picture 2
picture 3
Step 3:Now flip your frame over and apply some E6000 glue (picture 2) and attach your cardboard covered in fabric ( picture 3).

picture 1

picture 2
Step 4: Once your cardboard is dry then take some more E6000 and glue a small piece of cork board in the middle of your frame. Then let it dry you should have something like picture 2.

Step 5: Now flip your frame over again and glue your picture hanging hook to the back.

picture 1

picture 2
Step 6: Now once everything has dry your ready for the fun part! I bought my stickers at Walmart in their crafting department but you can use any stickers you want. Mine are those 3D looking ones and I got two in a pack for $1.50. All you do is peal and stick, but I did add some E6000 glue to the back of my stickers so they would stay on my frame permanently.

Then your done!

For a extra touch I added some ribbon around my small pieces of cork board and then added a small bow. Now I didn't have any bigger pieces of cork board, but if you wanted to make the whole back piece just cork you could. Or if cork boards aren't your style then another idea would be to make this frame into a mirror.

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