Mini Collection Monday

Good Morning,
Hope everyone had a great weekend, and I know this week should be a lot of fun.

Well if you miss last Monday's post then you can read that here. Basically two weeks ago my family and I went antiquing for the weekend, on our trip I found two things the game board ( which was last Monday's post) and a Fisher Price Cash Register.

When I first saw this register I flipped because I thought it was so darn cute. After some researching I found out that this register was from 1974. Even though I didn't get any with mine, the register did came with coins to put in the matching slot. Then you would press "sale" for the coin to drop into the drawer or you could press "change" for the coin to drop out of the change slot and it would come out on the side of the register. The other fun thing was that when you turn the green crank, the bell would ring and the drawer would pop open.


p.s Happy Birthday Dad!!!!


  1. Oh! I have one of those!! (:
    It was my grandma's!


  2. I love it and I'm so happy I found one. Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Aaaaaah I used to have this one as a kid! I totally forgot until I saw it here again! I can still remember how the coins felt in my hand and how the bell sounded.


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