What I'm Thankful For

Good Morning,
When I was thinking of what post I should write this week, one idea that came to me was to write about ten things that I'm thankful for. Since the holidays are upon us and this month is Thanksgiving I think we really need to look at what we have in our life and what we should be thankful for.

I feel like in today's world we get so caught up in the emotions of everyday life. We have a bad day, then a bad week then pretty soon were in a bad mood all the time. Cause we feel like we been done wrong in some way, which is probably the truth. But we have to be able to move past these emotions and know that you were put on this earth for a greater reason then what you ever might think.

For example if there is someone in your life who is mean and rude, instead of being angry with them maybe you should try looking from another perceptive. Sometimes God put people in your life to act as sandpaper, meaning that he is using other people to sand out your rough edges. I feel He dose this so that you can become the best you, you can be and so that He could use you for something greater.

I know this is all easier said then done and I know everybody situation is different. But that why I feel is so important to pray for God to lead you and guide you through life challenges.

This past year I have been thrown into more life changing situations then I ever thought I could handle. But looking back on it now I'm amaze with the strength God blessed me with and is amaze how he can take difficult situations and turn them into new beginnings. When tough situations do arise, I have to look at God's timing and just keep thinking that something wonderful is going to come my way and that I'm here (now) to learn something. I feel like that something we should do everyday, because everyday is a gift and to go out into the world with a positive giving attitude, only means you can nothing but positive and goodness back in your life.

So after this long introduction lol , here are the tens things that I am most thankful for.

1. My parents
2. My relationship with God
3. My dog
4. My extend family
5. My friends
6. The invention of Throw Back MT. Dew and Cherry Coke
7. The blessings I have receive in the past year
8. My strengths
9. My mini craft room ( which is in my closet)
10. My blog and lovely followers

Those are my ten things, if you would like to redo this post on your own blog with your own pearls of wisdom then feel free. Leave a comment below if you do cause I would love to read them!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and God Bless

 * All opinions are my own

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